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FIRST CLASS 2nd Season Episode 04
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Subber's comments
  Bubble generation and pressure-free generation refers to the change in the Education system in Japan in the 90s.  It's goal was to relieve some of the stress and put more focus on students thinking for themselves.

Quick update!

Do not fear I am still around and have been working on subbing.  I wanted to release FIRST CLASS 2nd season and MARS together one after the other.  I am on the last video I had worked on before I had to put things on hold to move and stress out.  I have one more scene to translate in FC2nd episode 4 before qcing and finishing it.

The 'sad' news is that in the last week or 2 my work has gotten even busier.  I am turning my translating skills to the speeches for the English speech contest happening next month.  I seem to be running everything dealing with prepping the 4 students for the contest.  I am pushing them and me to get their speeches all set and done ASAP because next tuesday (July 19th) is my last day of work before summer vacation... so no more time to work with me after that. So even now on the weekend fighting a bit of a cold I am working on translating the third of four speeches so I can give it to the student to look at and start working on first thing tomorrow morning.  I have started practicing with students that have their translated speeches which means hours of overtime... orz

I have made you guys wait so long and I am sorry for that but please hang in there a bit more.  As I said summer vacation is coming soon and I will sub what I can before and after my busy summer schedule (English camp and a planned roadtrip).

Just wanted to keep you guys updated! ^^ v



MARS ~ Just, I love you~ Episode 03
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Comments from the subber

Finally the next episode for MARS!!!  I have really missed working on this series.  I'm really sorry for the long wait!
I also subbed a couple more scenes of FC2nd episode 04 as well that is about 70% finished. ^^



What? Another update??


So yeah... I disppeared. I'm really sorry!

I started teaching at my new school a couple days after the last update and things went seriously crazy!

I don't want to give you guys more excuses but...

I threw myself 100%+ into my new job.  I was kind of thrown into the school years at the deep end. lol  This left me tired and my brain could not handle subbing.

Then my computer could not handle subbing >_<  So ugh yeah.

BUT!!  The update!!   On monday I bought my new computer!!! ^^ v  It will make subbing so so much easier on me! FINALLY!!!! I am just so excited! Just as I had the money for one I learned I was relocating and couldn't yet.

I love my new computer but I'm still setting it up and have yet to have the time to move things over to it.  There are only a few hours left in the day by the time I get home. And the month of May and June just went by so fast somehow.

I am still here and I am still subbing First Class 2nd Season and MARS!  I am also interested in subbing the MARS movie once I get my hands on it lol  That should have a japanese script and go a lot faster! ^^ v  (I got Joker Game done pretty fast lol)

Ok guys I'm going back to setting up my comp and getting it fansubbing ready! ^^



FIRST CLASS 2nd Season Episode 03
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Subber's comments
    I'm so very happy to be back at subbing again!  Here is the next episode of FC2!  Next will be the third episode of MARS.  It's near finished.  As for the next episode of FC2 it's about 65% translated.  That's the quick update! ^^

Hello Again!

Hello everyone!!

I wanted to update everyone where things are right now.

I'm in my new apartment, I have internet (It took a few weeks) and basiclly unpacked and set up.

In my placement my school actually starts on the 26th so as of this post the day after tomorrow.
I'm looking forward to starting at my new school.

It's been a few weeks since I moved and still emotionally settling.  I want to Osaka this last week to attend the KAT-TUN 10Ks concert at Kyocera Dome.  I spent 4 hours relaxing at Spa World and visited Horyuji temple before heading home. I am refreashed and leaving and coming back my new apartment is starting to have that home feeling.

Why do I tell you guys any of that?  Well I knew starting over again would hit me really hard and I'd need some time to set things up and make my new apartment feel like my safe bunny home.  It was the reason why as soon as I heard I was moving I posted I was going on hiatus (RECHARGE! XD) and with work starting I feel I am there! ^^ v

I took my first step to coming back to fansubbing!  Downloading all the episodes of MARS from plotboxes so I have them ready to go to work on!

I want to thank you all for the supportive messages and  understanding.  The fan part of anything fansubs fanfic fandub all means we all put the work into it as a hobby and in our own free time for no payment more than the happiness of those that enjoy our finished works.  So it was great so many people said things like 'life comes first'!  Thank you!

I start at my new school Tuesday with Golden Week the week after and I still have a couple of things to do (Visa and Health things) to complete everything needed for the transfer.  But I hope to have the same motivation as before and  give myself the same schedule as before the recharge.

Let's get this going again! ^.^ v



Hello everyone!!

I want to make sure that all of you are up to date with what's going on.

I am sadly cursed and once again my life has exploded.

Short version.  My company has lost one of the three ALT positions in my town.  It just happens to be the positiion at my schools.   My supervisor and the company love me and want to keep me and I enjoy the company as well.... so this means at the end of next month I will be moving somewhere new.  Most likely it will be in Aichi prefecture or Gifu prefecture.  That, my company and I have just started to talk about.

So that means I have to go into moving mode again.  Moving in Japan can be an easy thing but it can also be very stressful.  It's a busy time of year and I need to book movers.... but you need an address to book them.  I have all the things to think about like giving notice to my apartment company, taking care of water and gas and all that.  All the paper work that comes. In Japan you have to get a piece of paper saying you are moving out of the city then you need to get one in the town you move into.  It's crazy.  I may also be moving into a lot smaller apartment than I am in now. So I have to go through everything and think about what I really need.  If I can't take my TV I won't have my computer!

So stess!

On a worst timing ever rant.... KAT-TUN announced their concert the same day I learned about this.  I can't move and go to the concerts and now they are taking a break...UGH!  And more than anything this next weekend I was finally caught up finacially and going to by a new computer..... yeah.....

So all that bluh you can see why I am sadly going to have to take a break.  Right now I am still trying to process all this I can't focus on subbing. I tried a bit I only have like 15 lines left to go on MARS 03 but I can't focus!  I really tried but I ended up looking up info one possible placements.

So what does this mean??? well hiatus (just like KAT-TUN).... kind of

The kind of is this.  My goal in the next month or so with all of this going on is to finish what I have started.

MARS episode 03 is so close to being finished
FC 2nd episode 03 is done but needs QCing.
FC 2nd episode 04 is at about 65% so it's getting there.

I will do what I can but won't promise anything.  I got enough stress with everything and I feel so bad about yet again letting you guys down.

Sorry... and FIGHT!!



MARS ~ Just, I love you~ Episode 02
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Comments from the subber

I realized I made a couple mistakes in the episode before. I had the wrong first name for Makio.  And one of the lines for in the trailer for this episode.  But that was corrected in this episode! ^^ v   I am still really really enjoying working on this series!  I think the subbing of the second episode went a bit smoother!

It's only Tuesday and next MARS comes out on Sunday!    What to do with the free time!? XD

Once again thank you plotboxes and ocha_suki for the raw to finalize on!

Ok sleep time!




FIRST CLASS 2nd Season Episode 02
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Subber's comments

        I'm very happy to have another episode up of FC!  To make sure I only have one series putting pressure on me I have decided a new episode of FC will be uploaded after a new episode of MARS is finished.  Meaning I just got my hands on the second episode of MARS and once that is finished I will this next weekend QC and finishe episode 3 of FC.  Next Saturday is the City English Speech Contest so I won't have as much time to sub as I normally would.

Ok now to get started on MARS!



MARS ~ Just, I love you~ Episode 01
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Comments from the subber

  First, I am feeling so much better now.  I was really sick so thank you all for you messages!!   The bunny is back!!! but not going to push as hard this next week lol

  I believe tomorrow will be QCing the next ep of FC and when I get a copy (thanks ocha_suki and plotboxes!) I will get started on the next episode of MARS.  It is my focus right now but FC will continue to simmer in times between episodes. ^^ v  In a few weeks I hope I will finally be getting a new computer and that will make subbing way more comfortable.

Comments on MARS

  I love this story!!  I was subbing with a huge smile on my face lol  A couple nonspoiler notes though.  I like Fujigaya's Rei he's a bit softer but still packs a punch.  I really can't wait to see more!  Wish it was on TV here I'd stay up and watch it tonight!  But I stil have Yamaneko lol

Comments on...the subs?

I still have not found any JP subs (with or without chinese ones) for this series so my subbing is slower (I would have had this finished Wednesday if I had them) and I'm a tad wishing I could check a few spots against jp subs.  So if I get subs somehow I'll double check them and upload another version if I'm off ^^;;;;